10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Man Made Diamond Engagement Ring

10-Tips-for-Buying-the-Perfect-Man-Made-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-Style-MiaDonna2TIP #1 – Do your research!
You want to start by researching to be sure what you are purchasing is a man made diamond. Most man-made diamonds are available for purchase online through the internet, so you will want to be sure the company is reputable. Some companies use misleading information and are selling simulants, which can be VERY confusing. Man-made diamonds (or lab-created diamonds) are REAL diamonds that are grown in laboratory conditions that simulate the earth’s natural growing environment.
MiaDonna’s man-made diamonds are more superior than earth mined diamonds…here is why:
Optically, chemically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds.
They are a Type IIa diamond, which means they are harder and more pure than most earth-mined diamonds.
Conflict free to the earth and humanity (cruelty free).
We know their origin.
They cost 40 percent less than mined diamonds.
Funding projects to teach reformed child soldiers to grow food instead of mining for diamonds through The Greener Diamond Foundation.

TIP #2 – Availability – Size DOES Matter!
Man made diamonds are not available in every shape and size – yet. See what her

Four Tips for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry

0210_selling-diamond-jewelry-1_400x400-300x30011111. Know what you’ve got

Just because Granny said her old diamond ring was valuable doesn’t make it so. It doesn’t even make it a diamond. So, before you rush to market, get an accurate picture of its quality and authenticity. A qualified appraiser – preferably one that doesn’t buy or sell diamonds – can give you an unbiased opinion of the stone’s characteristics and condition, and highlight positive and negative attributes that could affect its value.

But spending money on a formal assessment isn’t always necessary,says gemologist Neil Beaty, owner of American Gem Registry, an appraisal service in Denver. If you’re short on funds and the diamond is likely worth less than $2,000, have the stone evaluated for free by a professional diamond buyer or even a pawnbroker. Visit two or three shops to get a range of opinions; in the end, you’ll have a solid idea of the specifications and state of your stone.

2. Set a realistic price

Having unrealistic price expectations for your diamond is the fastest way to disappointment with any ultimate sale. Beaty recommends two approaches to determining a shrewd price. First, if

Five must know tips to care for your diamond ring


When you receive that precious diamond ring you have always wanted, it is important to know how to take care of it. Because without any care, your diamond rings will not sparkle as bright as they did before, and that is not what you want right? Therefore we will give away the top 5 must know tips to take care of your diamond ring properly, that could be your engagement ring or wedding ring.

  • Don’t lose your diamond ring : First things first, don’t lose you diamond ring or else there is no need to care for it anymore. That is why it is important to put the ring at a safe and same place every day. This is handy for not accidentally misplacing the diamond ring. In addition, if you are going to take off your diamond ring, try to not put it near any places that are vulnerable such as, the sink or bathtubs. At these vulnerable places it is too easy to knock them off and lose them.
  • Maintain your diamond ring’s value : Diamonds are forever but the sparkle can reduce due all the

A Look at History’s most Expensive Rings

For many of us, jewellery is our prized possession. We have jewellery we wear regularly, jewellery for special occasions and even jewellery we don’t dare even take out the box!

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is a small section of society who believe that beauty to lie in the most expensive jewellery ever cut.

With this in mind, we have put together this list of the most expensive rings in history. Hold on to your jaws, because they might be about to drop when you see these prices.

The Vivid Pink by Graff – Value £9.1Million

With a centrepiece 5 carat pink diamond, shouldered by shield-shaped diamond on each side, all set in 18K rose gold, this ring is really stunning.

We spoke to ring experts Antique Rings Online who explained to us just why this particular ring has such a high value.

They said “the special thing about this ring is the pink diamond. Aside from it being 5 carats, the fact that is pink means it is very rare.”

“No one is certain how or why pink diamonds are pink, which only adds

How to Purchase Antique Diamond Ring

Antique diamond ring is one of the most valuable and worthwhile investment. They are the object of desire for those people who are into antiques a lot. At some point, there are some people who find happiness and satisfaction in collecting antiques and antique diamond ring is not an exception.

Antique diamond ring depict the grandeur, wealth, and social status of the people in the past. With the intricacy and uniqueness of the design surrounding the stones of diamond in it, it is surely worth for keeps.

However, before purchasing an antique diamond ring, we do have some things to bear in mind. We don’t just buy the ring in impulse. This article will be dealing with some tips before purchasing an antique ring with diamond.

Tip number one, make sure there are no bended prongs within the ring and the stones or gems are intact and secure in place. Since these types of rings are primarily made hundreds of years ago, there might be loose gems or bended prongs in it. You have to make sure that you take a closer look at the item before purchasing it to ascertain if the ring needs a repair or it is not worth purchasing.


How to Keep The Luster of Diamond Ring

Diamond ring, especially the ring for engagement has a special meaning for each woman. In addition, the diamond rings are also quite expensive. Therefore, people always hope that the ring can be kept as new as when it was purchased and the luster will never fade away. Actually, keeping the luster of a diamond ring is not a difficult job if you can make maintenance as follows.

Tip 1: Fill some warm water in a small bowl or a cup, and drip some neutral detergent into the water. Next,soak the ring into water and lightly brush it with toothbrush. Then use a sieve to trap the ring and clean it with warm water. Finally, slightly pat the ring with a piece of soft cloth until it is dry.

Tip 2: Mix some water and Yamoniya water in appropriate proportion in a small bowl or a cup and immerse the ring into water for about 30 minutes. Then gently brush it with a tiny brush. At last, clean the ring in the water and dry it with paper towel.

Tip 3: Diamond ring is a kind of lipophilic item so grease and stains could easily destroy the luster. Therefore, when doing housework, women should

5 Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring Super Sparkly and Shiny Forever


Wash yourself, not your ring. When you’re in the shower, a relaxing bubble bath, or simply just washing your hands, soap scum can leave film on your ring, detracting from its natural shine. When you shower or swim with the ring, you’re also facing the danger of it slipping right off! The ring belongs on your finger, not down the drain or the bottom of the pool. Get a cute ring holder that matches your bathroom to keep the ring safe and dry while you get squeaky clean.
Don’t mix with others. Putting your engagement ring with your other jewelry may scratch the ring or other pieces of jewelry. Since it is one of your most important pieces of jewelry, give it an individual compartment or wrap it in a cloth to prevent scratch marks.

Keep your ring away from cleaning supplies. The kitchen has to be scrubbed, but that doesn’t mean your ring has to be. Put the ring aside when using chlorine, bleach, or other harsh chemicals that could hurt the band of your ring.
Take off the ring when doing hard work. If you’re planning to do some rough yard work, leave

Fun Ways How To Announce Your Engagement


Your engagement is extra special and you need an even more amazing way to announce that to the world. If you haven’t done it yet, take cues from here.

For The Word Lovers

Your shared love for books is well-known and your daily sit-ins involve discussing new words rather than just bird-watching. What’s the best way to announce the world the love story of word-lovers? Well, the answer lies in Scrabble. The Word Game can be the perfect prop to announce the world that your love story is finally getting those brownie points. Simple, yet very powerful!

Bring Your Furry Companions Onboard

Another great way how to announce engagement is through your pets, as they are the next best thing to have happened to you. You would definitely want your furry friends to be a part of the whole story too! So, if you make the announcement, keep them handy. Try and take as natural poses as possible. They, as well as many pet-lover will appreciate the fact that this was not forced.

Use Your Favorite Gadgets!

Are you an iPhone lover or is your kindle the most important thing in your bag? Either

How to Buy a Great Diamond Engagement Ring

People say, a woman can never be satisfied with jewelries and no matter how many rocks she has added to her collection, her quench is never satisfied. Such is the fetish for diamond jewelries that hardly any woman has ever escaped from its tantalization.

People also say diamonds are woman’s best friends. Even world’s eminent celebs like Elizabeth Taylor couldn’t escape from its bewitching qualities. She was reputed to possess some of the world’s biggest rocks, including her engagement diamond engagement rings of 69.42 carat Burton diamond and 33 carat Krups diamond.

hese exquisite accessories are in much demand during wedding season. Recently, diamond engagement rings have become one of the most commonly purchased wedding accessories in India.

While the regalia stores get flooded with customers, diamond continues to become one of the claimant affairs in wedding seasons. While women go mad for these solitaires, men find it to be the most confounding task to purchase these stones, especially for engagement rings.

Purchasing a diamond ring is not a big deal these days. Diamond stores have become commonplace these days. And with extravagant online stores, it has only simplified the buying process, whilst complicating the selection part. But is this enough to get a

3 Must Read Tips for Selling an Engagement Ring

Have you been thinking about upgrading your engagement ring or do you have a one leftover from a relationship that didn’t last? Instead of letting it collect dust in your jewelry box, there are a variety of ways to sell an engagement ring. The amount of choices and the things you have to consider is almost overwhelming. After reading a variety of articles, blogs, and interviewing a private jeweler, here are some top tips to selling a pre-owned wedding ring: 1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You are not going to get what you originally paid for the ring, nor are you going to get what it is appraised for. Whether the ring is from an ended marriage or you’re selling a vintage ring passed down from a family member, a previously owned ring is not going to sell for as much as a new ring. 2. Get it Appraised

Get your ring appraised by a professional jeweler who has appraisal certification and training. You can also find an appraisal association or network within your community by looking online. Try to avoid chain stores as not everyone who works there is qualified to apprise and information given may be incorrect.

10 Things No One Tells You About Shopping For An Engagement Ring

I don’t think many people — men and women — quite understand the roller coaster of emotions a person goes through while shopping for and picking out an engagement ring. It happened to me. Despite the joy that came with popping the question (I proposed to my wife 8 years ago), I wish I had had someone to tell me the real life secrets that nobody talks about surrounding the ring. Although there are some parts you just have to see for yourself (like when she says yes), I hope to pass along a few helpful hints to those of you on your way to picking the ring.

1. You’ll listen intently anytime she talks about jewelry.
Once you’ve made the decision to propose, conversations about jewelry will become instantly interesting. I’m talking about any hint you can get — from whether she likes the vintage style of her friend’s engagement ring to what she may or may not have so subtly pinned to her inspiration board. If you don’t have enough info, but you’ve both talked about marriage (which hopefully you have), you might even want to take a day to browse rings together. It doesn’t mean you should walk

10 things to know before buying an engagement ring

If you’re one of the thousands planning (or hoping for) a proposal in the near future, don’t head to the jeweler shopping without reading these top 10 engagement ring buying tips.

1. Skip the solitaire

There’s more than one way to wear a carat of diamonds on your finger. A ring with a classic solitaire at this weight will generally cost thousands. But a band covered with tiny pavé diamonds that add up to just under 1 carat sparkles plenty and can cost up to 90 percent less than a ring with a big center stone.

2. Compare settings

The way a diamond is framed can have a major impact on how big it looks. For example, a bezel — a thin band of metal that wraps around a gem — gives the illusion of a larger stone.

3. Request certification

A diamond of a carat or more should come with a gem report — a gemologist’s evaluation of the stone’s color by letter grade (good stones are ranked no lower than I) and clarity, ranging from “flawless” (FL) to “very slight inclusions” (either VS1 or VS2) for an acceptable diamond. The cut, carat weight and measurements are also listed.

The Gemological Institute of America issues most


1. Only pin pictures of rings that you really want. If it’s a ring that you think is pretty, but not one that you would want for yourself, don’t pin it! If you do decide to pin it, make sure you don’t put it in your engagement/ wedding board. Too many styles can muddy the water. Create a separate jewelry board or add it to a secret board.

2. Add your own comments. I am horrible about hitting the Pin It button and choosing a board without ever reading the comments, so I know how easy it is to get into that routine. When you are pinning pictures of your dream ring, take the time to make a few notes. You can even end it with your initials to signify that you wrote it! A simple addition at the end of your comment can add a layer of assurance that he might need when he’s standing in Morris.

3. Don’t pin to secret boards! Ladies, I cannot stress this enough! When a guy walks into Morris and has no clue what you want, we usually ask if you have a Pinterest account. It is the best way for us to determine what

Online Buying Guide for Diamond Ring

Let Online Shopping Take Care of It
It is not easy to buy something online, especially expensive items such as a diamond ring. Buying jewelry online is easy if you just know the right way to do it. You should know what to look for what buying diamond items online. This guide will help you determine whether you are buying the real deal or a fake you. The guide will also teach you how to determine the quality of the diamond ring. You don’t want to give you future wife a low-quality wedding ring, right?

Know What You Want
The first thing that you must know about diamond ring is to be familiar with the terms used, especially when it comes to diamonds. You should know what the term stands for and the kind of shapes and cuts available. If you are shopping for a wedding ring, then you should know what your partner would like.

Know about the 4C Rule
When buying diamond ring, you need to know the 4C rule, which represents the cut, color, clarity and carat. Cut is the appearance and shape of the diamond. The color of the diamond can determine its value. The clearer the diamond,

3 Tips to Shop for the Perfect Proposal Diamond Ring

Say Yes, Say Yes!
The classic diamond engagement ring is composed of two parts – a setting and a diamond. To ensure that you get the best value, you need to find a proposal ring setting that she will love and then devote your budget to a certified and beautiful diamond ring.

How Much Should You Spend?
Keep in mind that shopping for an engagement ring is an emotional event as well as a purchase that could last a lifetime. Basically, the two-month salary is the starting point of your budget. However, regardless of the remainder of your budget, your primary concern must be the value and quality of the diamond ring.

Finding the Proposal Ring She’ll Love
Finding the kind of diamond ring that she will like is a tough challenge if you choose your proposal to be a secret. Here are some of the necessary points that you have to consider when shopping for a diamond ring.

Shape Selection – Typically, you have to choose a shape that you think fits her personality. A cushion cut diamond ring could be best for a romantic girl while a square cut diamond ring might be best for girls with an edgy fashion personality.

Tips for Finding Affordable Engagement Rings

Tips for Selecting Engagement Rings

Ask Your Other Half What They Want

The first rule of being successful when it comes to buying an engagement ring is to know what you should be looking for. It might seem completely obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of women who walk around wearing a style of ring that they don’t actually like.

So, does your other half love vintage rings or modern rings? Should you buy a solitaire or should it have as much bling as possible? Should colored stones be included or not? In order to find out, simply ask her, ask her friends or family, or go shopping with her to see the type of rings she likes.

Ignore the ‘Three Months’ Salary’ Advice

Somewhere in a smoke-filled office, an advertising copywriter long ago invented the idea that an engagement ring should cost a man two or even three months of his income. It’s a benchmark I’ve seen printed time and time again in bridal magazines and in wedding blogs, but just because you see it printed somewhere doesn’t mean you have to follow it! (The origins can be traced back to a marketing campaign by gemstone giant De Beers.)

Two or three months

Clean Your Diamond Ring

Be mindful!

This method is safe for cleaning gold (white, yellow and rose), platinum and silver. It is safe for diamonds but should not be used on opals, semi-precious stones, pearls costume jewelry or any other metal not listed here because they are softer and are prone to scratching. Do not use this to clean a watch either.

Don’t get risky. If you have your grandmother’s pearls or a delicate antique piece, take it to a jeweler and have it professionally cleaned. I think we can do a lot of cleaning and maintenance at home, but I also think there is a time and a place for professionals. This would be one of them. They are trained on how to care for your most delicate and treasured pieces and will ensure they don’t get ruined.

Tools for the jewels

What I have found to work best is a simple method where a dab of gel toothpaste (no grit) is use, a soft bristle toothbrush and a bowl filled with warm water. Have a soft cloth available for drying and polishing.

Be safe

I know this sounds a little bizarre, but cleaning your jewelry in an area where you could drop it (perhaps down a drain or

3 Important Tips You Must Know When Choosing A Cushion Cut Diamond For Your Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

Tip 1:
The Certificate Doesn’t Grade “Most Beautiful”
Certificates are only ONE component of a diamond. Unfortunately for you, certificates don’t offer a “Most Beautiful” grade. And unlike Round diamonds, cushion diamonds don’t even have an official “cut grade” since the shape and facets style of a cushion cut are so subjective. Some people prefer the large chunky facets, others like the smaller crushed ice facets. When it comes to Round, it’s easier to be a bit more scientific on what’s considered “most brilliant,” but not with Cushions. That’s one of the reasons they’re so cool – when you find a gorgeous one, it’s really special!

This particular diamond shape really isn’t one you should buy online from a large database. You need to see it in person or on video before purchasing it. That’s why it’s important to work 1-on-1 with a jeweler whom you trust to make a selection for you based on the brilliance and beauty of each individual diamond. Two diamonds certified by the same laboratory with similar carat weight & specs rarely look the same. Grading Labs such a GIA or EGL make no comment on brilliance or value, yet these are two important considerations when

Tips for Choosing Your Handmade Diamond Ring

If you’re perusing the handmade diamond rings in New York, chances are that you’re getting ready to propose to your special someone. When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, there are a lot of things to consider. Sure, your budget is going to play a big role in your decision, but you’re going to want to choose a quality ring that will be just as special as your soon-to-be fiancé. Consider the following 5 things to help you make the right decision:

Reputable Jeweler

It’s important to choose a quality jeweler when making your purchase. Talk to friends, family, and other engaged couples to find out about jewelers that they would recommend. Look for a company that receives letters from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to certify their diamonds or appraisal by a certified jewelry institution.

When you want a handmade diamond ring, you can’t expect to walk into the jeweler and walk away with it in your pocket. It may require about a month to make sure that the ring is exactly what you want and will fit your intended properly.


When choosing a diamond, you need to remember the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. What

Jewelers’ tips make shopping for diamond ring easier

Do your research

Know your jewelry jargon before you enter the store. The four Cs of a diamond — color, cut, clarity and carat — are the central things to review. Cut and color are the most important, followed by clarity and carat.

“Sixty percent of the cost of a diamond is in the cut,” says Tad Cyman, fine jewelry sales manager at JCPenney in St. Petersburg’s Tyrone Square Mall.

If a diamond is not properly cut, it’ll be less brilliant.

A diamond with perfect color will be transparent with no hues.

When it comes to diamond shopping, you have to know either the product you’re buying or your jeweler, says Jeffrey Hess, owner of the Tampa Bay area’s Old Northeast Jewelers.

A good jeweler should have a Gemological Institute of America graduate gemologist on staff who is trained in dealing with diamonds, colored stones and pearls and who can give unbiased analysis of a diamond.

“Anyone can throw around the term ‘gemologist,’ ” says Hess, who has three on staff at his stores. “You’d be surprised how many stores don’t have them.”

Call and ask stores about a gemologist before you head out.

Shop around

Spend some time shopping for a diamond ring, and pick out three or four